Become an expert in two of the JBCC’s latest contracts in one session!

Not only will you understand when and how to use these contracts but you will get an in-depth understanding of the intricacies and pitfalls to look out for.

Contracts we discuss:

  • JBCC Small and Simple Works Contract
  • JBCC Direct Contractors Contract

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Introductory Video

The aim of this course to empower architects and other PA's to be able to use the two new contracts on an advanced level.   Anneke explains it in this preview: 

What we talk about:

  • When to use the two contracts
  • Why the contracts where published
  • How to use the contracts to help manage your building projects
  • What to look out for
  • What will be omitted or changed in the next editions of the contracts
  • How to complete the contracts
  • The legal position of the Principal Agent
  • How these contracts compliment the other JBCC contracts
  • What an expert’s take is on the two new contracts

Course Overview

You will need at least one of these contracts for your next building project – but how will you know how to use them?  This is the perfect course for you!

The course is structured as an interview between an architect and one of the heavy-weights of our industry – especially when it comes to the JBCC – Stan Segal.

Anyone can read through a contract, but then most have a couple of technical questions.  This course resolves that issue for you.  We discuss the things you didn’t know you should look out for – we help you to become well versed in the content, structure and intention of both the contracts. 

You will be able to confidently advise your clients on IF, WHEN and HOW the new JBCC Small and Simple Works Contract and the JBCC Direct Contractor’s Contract should be used. 

This course is on an intermediate to expert level – the participants must have worked with the JBCC before.

The course is structured as two sessions, each dealing with the respective contracts in detail.  The course is accompanied by a set of comprehensive notes that one can use in the future as easy-reference material.

Note: The JBCC contracts are not distributed as part of the course content – the JBCC contracts are copyright protected.  One does not have to read through the contracts to be able to fully understand the course, but attendees are encouraged to buy the contracts and have it in hand while attending the course.

You will have the confidence and insight to start using these two contracts, on an expert level, after watching this course.

Who this CPD Course is for

  • Any Principal Agents:
    • Architects
    • Project Managers
    • Quantity surveyors
    • Engineers
  • Professionals working on additions and alterations on buildings
  • Professionals who deal with smaller projects
  • People who have (even a little) experience in working with the JBCC
  • Anyone that works with the JBCC PBA – the Direct Contractor’s Contract integrates with the other contracts in the JBCC Suite.

What you get

CPD Points

0.4 CAT 1 Points

Accredited By

South African Institute of Architectural Tecnologists (SAIAT)


Expert interviews

Number of Lessons


Total Duration

4 Hours


1 Year


Desktop / Mobile

** Bonus Content: We also compiled a comprehensive set of worksheets that you can use to cement the tips and tactics discussed in the interviews into your personal skillset. 


Anneke Schriek

Anneke Schriek

Anneke is a Professional Registered Architect whose passion has always been to improve architecture as a service.

She is drawn to finding ways we can make architecture more accessible, and she strives to educate architects and students on how to achieve it. She inspires architects to be #betterarchitects.

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Stan Segal Stan Segal

Stan Segal’s experience and expertise spans a period of 45 years in the architectural profession and encompasses all aspects of architecture with special emphasis on design development, technical documentation, contract administration and quality control inspections.

Joint Building Contracts Committee

  • Appointed as SA Institute of Architects’ representative on the JBCC Board of Management and JBCC Technical Committee in 1996 to present (24 years). Relinquished this position in May 2020
  • Past Chairman of the JBCC Technical Committee
  • Chairman of the JBCC Board of Directors and previous Executive Committee
  • Appointed by Juta & Co as revising author of the 3rd Edition of The Building Contract book originally authoured by the late Eyvind Finsen – published in October 2018

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JBCC Small and Simple Works Contract and JBCC Direct Contractors Contract – in conversation with Stan Segal