Thinking about starting your own architecture business?

Recently started a new company?

This course is for you!


About this Course

Everything you wish someone told you before you started your own architectural business. We spell out what you need to do, step-by-step.

We learn from a young partnership, who built up a very successful and lucrative architectural firm in the past two years (no, the economy was not on their side). They did not have deep pockets supporting them when they first started, they figured it out and now they are sharing their experience with you!

So, if you are ready to make the leap and put yourself out there, to start your own business, or if you need to touch base and check that you have the right things in place in your young business – you will enjoy this interview.

This course is for you if

  • You want to start your own business
  • You have a startup
  • You want to know what it takes to succeed
  • You want to refresh your existing practice

Topics we discuss:


  • Partnership set-up
  • Monthly directors’ meetings
  • Office space
  • Office culture
  • How to appoint employees
  • Be prepared for employees to leave
  • How to outsource work (auditors, attorneys, brand specialists)
  • Professional Insurance


  • How to get your first clients
  • Asking for deposits from clients
  • How to fund the transition (from employee to entrepreneur)
  • Projects that cost you money
  • Professional fees
  • Getting backing from a senior architect
  • It takes at least two years to succeed
  • The hard days
  • Is having “your own business” for you or not?
  • Estimated big changes in the industry in the next five years


  • Corporate branding
  • Your Website

What you get


2.5 Hours


July 2020


Expert Interview


1 year


Access on mobile / desktop

**Bonus Content: You also get a printable PDF worksheet you can refer back to in the future. Every time you think you might be wasting time when building your business – you will be able to benefit from the lessons already learned by others!


In this course, Anneke Schriek interviews Ben Kunz and Walter Raubenheimer, the founders of Kunz Raubenheimer Architects.


Anneke Schriek

Anneke Schriek

Anneke is a Professional Registered Architect whose passion has always been to improve architecture as a service.

She is drawn to finding ways we can make architecture more accessible, and she strives to educate architects and students on how to achieve it. She inspires architects to be #betterarchitects.

LinkedIn |Instagram |Facebook

Kunz Raubenheimer Architects

Website | Instagram

Ben and Walter winning PIA awards

Ben Kunz Ben Kunz

Experienced professional architect and director of Kunz Raubenheimer Architects. Skilled in Conceptual Design, Mixed-use, Revit, Master Planning, and Design Research with experience in high density residential developments, senior living estates and commercial architecture.

LinkedIn | Instagram

Walter Raubenheimer

Walter Raubenheimer

Walter was the Corobrik student of the year in 2014 – I don’t have to elaborate on his design abilities. /he started off his career at Holm Jordaan before starting his own business and subsequently forming Kunz Raubenheimer.

LinkedIn |Instagram

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