This is a quick intro into 3D scanning and how you can add it to your bouquet of services immediately


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60 minutes

About this lesson

After watching this interview, your eyes will no longer glaze over when people talk about 3D scanning.   Whether you are using BIM or not, 3D scanning can change the way you do architecture.  With 3D scanning you would be able to:

  • Start the design process much quicker
  • Go to site less often
  • Have more accurate drawings to work from
  • Be able to manage construction programs from your office

We cover all the questions you didn’t know you should ask, including:

  • Can I afford it? (spoiler alert: YES)
  • Can I offer extra services using 3D scanning?
  • How does 3D scanning work?
  • Why do other architects use it?
  • How accurate is 3D scanning today?
  • What hardware and software do I need to get started?

What you'll learn about:

  • How 3D scanning works
  • Where to get access to 3D scanning in SA
  • How to start using 3D scanning
  • Costs involved
  • Mobile Lidar Scanners
  • Point Cloud Data
  • Benefits of 3D scanning
  • Details about the process of having a space scanned
  • How to brief a 3D scanner
  • Pitfalls to 3D scanning and how to avoid them
  • Types of 3D scans
  • 5D Technology
  • Hardware and Software requirements
  • Automation


In this lesson, Anneke Schriek interviews Natasha Franchitti,director and co-founder of Archi-Tech. a mobile 3D lidar scanning service provider in South Africa.

Anneke Schriek

Anneke Schriek

Anneke is a Professional Registered Architect whose passion has always been to improve architecture as a service. She is drawn to finding ways we can make architecture more accessible, and she strives to educate architects and students on how to achieve it. She inspires architects to be #betterarchitects.

LinkedIn |Instagram |Facebook

Natasha Franchitti

Natasha Franchitti

Natasha is a director and co-founder of Archi-Tech, providing business solutions and improving workflows through the use of technology. 

LinkedIn | Instagram

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I Thought I Knew.. All about 3D scanning