Getting your work published is an easy way to attract new clients and build a reputation.  This course discusses how to publish your architecture in magazines, newspapers & websites.

Are you ready to take your firm to the next level? Do you really want to impress your future clients? Then this course is for you!


Architects don't advertise, they get published.

Make your own content attractive to journalists so your architecture will get published.  This simple process can be followed today.

Why you should publish your work:

  • You get Credibility ( clients will believe you're good at what you do )
  • You get Massive Exposure ( more people will know about you and potentially reach out to you )
  • You get to do more of the kind of work you like to do.

Publishing your architecture is

  • NOT hard
  • NOT only for big firms
  • NOT only for award winning architects

Publishing is probably the best kind of marketing there is for an architect – and it can be free

Topics we discuss:

  • How to compile a ‘media kit’. (A media kit is something that contains exactly the right information so a journalist can easily publish your work.)
  • How to approach ‘storytelling’ in architectural publishing
  • How to name your architecture
  • What types of architectural media there are
  • Should you publish your old projects or not
  • What your publications say about your entire brand
  • The benefits of getting published
  • How to make your content attractive to journalists
  • How publishing and marketing work together

What you get


70 minutes


July 2020


Expert Interview


1 year


Access on mobile / desktop

This course is for you if

  • you want to raise the credibility of your firm
  • you want to attract more clients of the right kind


In this course, Anneke Schriek interviews Eszter Riga, the head of BoweBird Europe, a company that makes it easy to submit your architecture to about 1500 magazines, newspapers & websites world-wide.

Anneke Schriek

Anneke Schriek

Anneke is a Professional Registered Architect whose passion has always been to improve architecture as a service. She is drawn to finding ways we can make architecture more accessible, and she strives to educate architects and students on how to achieve it. She inspires architects to be #betterarchitects.

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Eszter Riga, head of BowerBird Europe

Eszter Riga

Eszter is the Head of BowerBird Europe.  BowerBird is an online platform that connects architects with design journalists. Architects upload projects as online media kits so journalists can create compelling stories around them.

LinkedIn | BowerBird

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