Marketing skills are critical to your success as an architecture business or career architect. This interview is an eye-opener to the possibilities of architectural marketing and how it can successfully be implemented. 


Video Duration

30 minutes

About this Lesson

Architects usually try to actively avoid marketing.  We'll shy away from it because it's not our area of expertise, we feel uncomfortable to promote ourselves, and we are unsure how we should go about it in the first place.

The Covid-19 pandemic has come to level the playing field – Big or small, it is now equally important for architects in all trades to get a grip on marketing.

Topics we Discuss

  1. What are the major problems in architectural marketing?
  2. What would the right model of marketing look like?
  3. Identifying your ideal client
  4. How should architects be structuring their marketing during Covid-19?
  5. Marketing is a complex set of steps in a pipeline. How can we start to understand the back-end of marketing?

What you will learn:

  1. How to take a fresh look at your marketing tactics and state of your online presence
  2. How to identify your ‘ideal client’ and how to let them know about you
  3. Identify opportunities for improvement in your company's marketing
  4. How to map the journey that potential clients would make, from hearing about you for the first time, to making the first payment and retaining those clients.
  5. How to identify where your clients are coming from and where you are losing them.


In this lesson, Sara Kolata interviews George Valdes

Sara Kolata

Sara Kolata

Sara is an architect with a passion for helping fellow architects, design specialists, mentors, tutors, scholars and consultants transition into a digital world. She specializes in teaching how to educate themselves and others through modern, digital mediums.

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George Valdes

George Valdes

George Valdes deeply enjoys solving complex problems in the built environment and in the AEC industry.

With product, sales, and marketing, experience in virtual reality, GPU cloud infrastructure, and international expansion, he invests and advises startups in Real Estate, Architecture and Construction.

George lives in Oakland, California, and is part of the Growth team at Monograph.

Monograph is a business platform for architecture and engineering firms to track and analyze their financial and operational performance.

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Marketing in Architecture: Lessons Learned from the Tech Industry