In this interview, we discuss an innovative and clear approach to strategic positioning.

Business strategies have to adapt over time in order for a business to survive. Even if you are an employee it is important to learn these things so you can become a part of the long-term solutions of a company.


About this Lesson

Architectural firms and individuals should reconsider their strategies and business approaches.  This lesson discusses many innovative ideas about strategy and how it can shape the future of your practice.

In this interview you will learn:

  1. How to rethink your business strategiesin light of rapidly changing economies and needs.
  2. How to define the services you offer and importantly what you do not offer.
  3. Which questions to ask in order to reposition your architectural firm.
  4. How to define long- and short term goals, without mixing the two.
  5. How to develop a niche product and service.

After this lesson you will be inspired to make changes in your business!





Topics you'll learn about:

  • Rethinking your business strategies
  • Implementing a strategy
  • Defining the services you offer clearly
  • Defining what you don’t do
  • Accepting trade-offs
  • Defining who your ideal clients are
  • Identifying where demand is in the market
  • Reposition your firm strategically
  • Defining long- and short term goals
  • Developing a niche service or product
  • Being operationally effective
  • Creating a new industry – a blue ocean
  • Exactly how to plan ahead

What you get

Video Duration

35 minutes


In this course, Sara Kolata interviews Jose Luis Cruz, the founder of Integrated Projects.

Sara Kolata

Sara Kolata

Sara is an architect with a passion for helping fellow architects, design specialists, mentors, tutors, scholars and consultants transition into a digital world. She specializes in teaching how to educate themselves and others through modern, digital mediums.

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Jose Luis Cruz

Jose Luis Cruz, Jr

Jose is the founder and managing director of Integrated Projects, a global building intelligence firm and rising design services provider in the burgeoning flexible office industry. Integrated Projects partners with property owners and operators to digitize, design and scale their commercial portfolios.
He currently services some of the largest commercial space providers in the United States. Through the vertical integration of 3D scanning, interior design, and building information management, Jose and his team help clients streamline their global acquisitions and development process by a factor of 10. To date, the IP team services over 300,000 square feet a month of tenant improvement office projects across New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and London.

LinkedIn | Integrated Projects website

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