Most architects in South Africa have no formal approach to communications.  This interview is a great starting point on how to develop communication plans and build a comprehensive digital brand


About this Course

We discuss the benefits of publishing, how to approach and plan publishing and what it can mean for your company – all of these are discussed in this concise and informative interview.

“Architects don’t advertise – they publish”.  Why? We discuss how publications are like (free) marketing that can underscore your credibility to prospective clients.

We discuss the importance to be present on online media, to show off your designs and make your existence know on the internet, along with some tips on how to go about doing that.

After watching this interview you will be able to:

  1. Develop communication plans for your company. 
  2. Use social media to expand your reach.
  3. Understand the impact, publications can have on your brand
  4. Define what your company’s “central message” is to the world.
  5. Identify who you are trying to communicate with and what you want to achieve with your communications.


Who this course is for

Architects who want to:

  1. Improve their brand by expanding their digital footprint;
  2. Learn more about architectural publications;
  3. Attract the ‘right kind of clients’;
  4. Develop their credibility.

Topics you'll learn about:

  • Understanding the elements of good communication plans
  • Learn why communications are important
  • The importance and benefits of publishing your projects
  • Planning your publications ahead of time
  • Learn to use architectural awards as part of your communications strategy
  • Using Instagram and Facebook for exposure
  • Identifying who you are communicating with
  • Identifying your company’s “central message”
  • Communicate your employer brand
  • Share ideas with your peers
  • Defining your company’s ‘WHY?’
  • Validation created through publications

What you get


30 minutes


July 2020


Expert Interview


1 year


Access on mobile / desktop


In this course, Sara Kolata interviews Celeste Bolte, the Head of BowerBird UK, a platform connecting architects and journalists.

Sara Kolata

Sara Kolata

Sara is an architect with a passion for helping fellow architects, design specialists, mentors, tutors, scholars and consultants transition into a digital world. She specializes in teaching how to educate themselves and others through modern, digital mediums.

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Celeste Bolte

Celeste Bolte

Celeste Bolte is a communications specialist, presenter, writer and design enthusiast originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

Now based in London, Celeste is the Head of BowerBird UK, a platform connecting architects and journalists to see more architecture published in a greater variety of titles.

Celeste is also an accomplished presenter and writer, having partnered with Never Too Small, the Museum of Architecture, and the London Festival of Architecture on sold-out events, a YouTube series, and workshops on the importance of communications for designers.

Celeste’s in-depth knowledge of architecture and communications sees her regularly invited to be a guest on podcasts and panel discussions.

A strategic thinker, Celeste is adept at conceiving, planning, and implementing marketing & communications strategies for single practitioners and global studios alike, having refined these skills over 8+ years both in-house and through consulting roles.

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Why Communications in Architecture Matter