Everything changed – but what about our fees? Should we change our fees?

The interview focuses on fee calculation and specifically how one should deal with fees during a crisis like a pandemic.


About this episode

If you don’t know how to charge for new work or even how your existing work’s fees should be handled, this is the video for you!

Topics we discuss:

  1. A fresh view on how to calculate fees
  2. What to consider when doing fee calculations
  3. An understanding of the personality types of architects and clients, and how it influences architects’ pricing of projects.
  4. How to have better control over the calculations of your fees in the future.

Architects undervalue their time and expertise – it is time for this to change! This interview spells out how you can change it today.


This is a standalone (non-CPD) episode

No CPD accreditation is associated with this standalone episode. If you wish to earn CPD points for watching this episode, please purchase CPD accredited course "I thought I knew: How to practice Architecture in a Digital world".

Who this episode is for

  • Architects considering to lower their fees just to get cash flow.
  • Anyone uncertain about how to price their work.

What you will learn about:

  • Why you should keep timesheets
  • How to use timesheets to renegotiate fees
  • How to keep track of the costs of projects
  • How to do fee calculations
  • How to stay financially sustainable
  • Architectural personality types
  • How to counter the typical personality type flaws
  • How to deal with your staff during the crisis

What you get

Video Duration

35 minutes


July 2020

episode Type

Expert Interview


1 year


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In this episode, Sara Kolata interviews Simon Berry, the founder of Fresh Projects.

Sara Kolata

Sara Kolata

Sara is an architect with a passion for helping fellow architects, design specialists, mentors, tutors, scholars and consultants transition into a digital world. She specializes in teaching how to educate themselves and others through modern, digital mediums.

LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook

Simon Berry

Simon Berry

Simon founded FRESH PROJECTS after years of frustration with existing offerings when trying to answer these simple questions :

- What fee should I be charging on new projects to ensure profitability?
- Are my existing ongoing projects going to end up making a profit or a loss?
- Should I work for this Client again?
- Which of my team members is most effective?

Fresh Projects
FRESH PROJECTS is an online platform that allows Architects and Engineers to manage their business effortlessly. The above questions can be answered in seconds, eliminating the burden of project admin and allowing you to get on with the work you love : designing, creating & innovating.

LinkedIn | Fresh Projects website

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