Learn how to become a recognized thought leader in architecture, and and how to turn that into influence, impact and income.


About this Course

In this conversation, “Thought Leadership” is presented as a tool to improve your digital brand.  You will learn practical tips and tactics on becoming a Thought Leader in architecture.

There are probably areas of work where you are better at than your peersThis course discusses how to exploit your particular niche to build a stronger brand.

The aim is to create a digital image that is so clear, that others can sell you, when you are not even there.”

Architects have to become more digital to keep up with the changing times.  This has been the trend before Covid 19, but the pandemic just accelerated the need for our transition to digital.


This course is for

Architects who need to re-invent themselves and their profession.. so all architects.

Topics we discuss:

  • Identifying what you are a Thought Leader in
  • How to create influence, impact and income
  • How to identify the ‘right following’ on social media
  • Common fears when creating a digital brand
  • What platforms to use to build your brand
  • How to be more approachable – benefiting your brand

What you get


30 minutes


July 2020


Expert Interview


1 year


Access on mobile / desktop


In this course, Sara Kolata interviews Elinor Moshe, and expert on becoming a thought leader in architecture.

Sara Kolata

Sara Kolata

Sara is an architect with a passion for helping fellow architects, design specialists, mentors, tutors, scholars and consultants transition into a digital world. She specializes in teaching how to educate themselves and others through modern, digital mediums.

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Elinor Moshe

Elinor Moshe

Founder of "The Construction Coach", podcast host of "Constructing You", author of Constructing Your Career, mentor, speaker, contract administrator at Icon

Elinor guides, inspire and direct industry professionals and future leaders to construct their career in construction so they can achieve more recognition, higher compensation and faster career progression.

She equips construction industry professionals with practical skills, insights and tools to fast track and construct their career. Because construction professionals are working with outdated practices that are preventing them from achieving their potential and seeing what's possible.


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Thought Leadership in Architecture: How to become more than an Expert