Before offering your architectural services to developers, first understand how they think and what they need – then decide if you are up for it or not. 


About this Course

Architects either desperately want to work for developers or they specifically stay away.  Most architects don’t know what they will be signing up for.

In this interview you will learn to understand the mind of the developer, what they need from architects, and what's important to them.  This knowledge will arm you to present a compelling pitch when you next have a chance to work with a developer.

We cover many topic architects are are usually too shy to ask a developer:

  • How do developers decide on an architect?
  • Does the size of your company matter?
  • Project Managers or not?
  • Things architects do wrong in meetings
  • Risk work – the good, bad and ugly parts


Actionable skills you will learn:

  • How to prove your track record, and pitfalls to avoid
  • How to identify the ‘key person’ in your office that deals with developers
  • How to plan your contributions in meetings upfront.
  • How to deal with risk-work

After watching the interview you can make an informed decision about what your parameters would be in working for developers.

Who this course is for

  • Architects interested in knowing what it's like to work with large developers.
  • Architects already working with large developers.  This is a rare opportunity to understand what developers really want from you!

Topics we discuss:

  • Communicating your experience
  • Showing your capacity
  • Getting the figures right
  • Identifying the ‘key person’
  • Prioritising skills development
  • Meeting conduct
  • Selling yourself
  • Risk work
  • What not to do

What you get


85 minutes


July 2020


Expert Interview


End July 2021


Access on mobile / desktop


In this course, Anneke Schriek interviews Gerrit van den Berg, Atterbury Property's head of development  in the Western Cape.

Anneke Schriek

Anneke Schriek

Anneke is a Professional Registered Architect whose passion has always been to improve architecture as a service.

She is drawn to finding ways we can make architecture more accessible, and she strives to educate architects and students on how to achieve it. She inspires architects to be #betterarchitects.

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Gerrit van den Berg - Head of Atterbury Property - Western Cape Gerrit van den Berg

Head of Developments for Atterbury in the Western Cape. 

Gerrit joined Atterbury in 2006 and established the company’s Western Cape office over the past five years.  His big projects include the Richmond Park Development and the new Mediclinic in Stellenbosch.


Atterbury Properties

Atterbury is one of South Africa's largest real estate development, investment and management companies. They develop mixed-use, commercial, retail and industrial properties.

Here are some of Atterbury's current developments

Gerrit van den Berg - Head of Atterbury Property - Western Cape

Gerrit at the opening of a Richmond Corner - Cape Town (July 2020).

Gerrit talking about Atterbury in the Cape

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I Thought I Knew.. What Developers want from Architects