Sell your plans too

All architects are welcome to join!

Selling Plans online

Architects should all be selling plans online!!

In-line with Plans123's vision we want all to benefit from buying and selling house plans online.  We know that architects have vast collections of house plans in their archives and we believe that many people can benefit from this stagnant asset.

Please send us an email ( if you are interested to join.  We will contact you and get you started on how to join the 4th Industrial Revolution.

What we offer:

  • Exposure - We have thousands of unique visitors on Plans123 every month.  
  • We administer all the marketing.
  • We provide all the customer support.  
  • We ensure that payments had been received before you are even contacted to action on the sale of a house plan - so you are insured that you will get paid.
  • All technical support you will require in terms of loading your house plans onto the site.
  • We feature architects who offer custom house designs for additional exposure - only upon request

How the deal works:

You decide what you want to charge for your documents (you choose exactly what files are included in the set of documents you are selling), we take 20% off the top.  At the end of each month we send you the details of your sales and transfer the money into your account.

What about copyright?

Architects retain the copyright to their plans - this is stated on most title blocks.  Yet, we never cash in on it.  

This is an opportunity for you, as architect, to reap the benefit of your own IP.

Obviously there are some architects who feel that it is unfair to their clients (who paid hundreds of thousands of Rands for custom designs), if they go and resell that same plan for a fraction of that cost.  The call is yours to make.

It does, however, often happen that architects upload plans of houses that were designed but were never paid for - if you prefer only doing that, then that is up to you.  We don't get involved in this process.  We assume that you have the full authority to sell the plans you upload.  For more on this, please read our terms and conditions page.

Criteria to join

We require proof of your SACAP registration - then you are ready to join.

Isn't this undercutting fees?

Not at all!  The architectural fees scale is based on a FULL SERVICE, including principal agent services.  For that service, yes, one has to charge an arm and a leg for it to make sense to spend all the time and energy on that project.

Most house-projects in Africa, however, does not require the FULL SERVICE.  In fact, the project financial model cannot afford the appointment of an architect.  The end-result is that houses get built without proper plans.

By adjusting what we offer, we, as architects, can provide a service that the house-builder can afford while we also benefit from it. 

Portfolio hosting

All professionals in the build environment are welcome to host their profiles on Plans123.  

The end goal is to create a single platform where clients can access the information of different service providers.  Clients are then directed to your website after finding you on Plans123.

How to join?

Send us an email at and we will contact you within 24 hours.