Plans123 mainly focusses on completing projects in such a way that clients feel that they got more than they paid for - we overdeliver!

It is important for us to communicate clearly what one can expect from the process, how much each section would cost and what the implications are if some of the processes are ignored or if short cuts are taken.  

Plans123 is based in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, where we operate from the beautiful heritage Building, La Gratitude Herehuis, 95 Dorp Street.

We've worked on hundreds ofprojects, ranging from small additions and alterations of residential houses to shoppingcenters, libraries and 1000 bedresidences.   We've done master planning, sport facilities, and various other educational buildings - with the University of Pretoria (UP) as our long-term client.  We've been working with UP since 2012.

We have a dynamic and flexible team who work together as and when needed.  This model was first tested in 2018 - we decided that we will stop if it doesn't work - but it works perfectly.  We believe that all projects cannot be reliant on the same few individuals, we use the right individuals for each project - logistically this doesn't affect the client, but the client can always know that we have top candidates working on our projects - wherever you are in the country.

Meet our Team

Everyone in our team is encouraged to have their own businesses - we believe in empowering more people to create and generate work - this is what South Africa needs!

  • Drafting experts

  • Compliance consultants

  • Admin Specialists

  • Top designers

  • Dedicated legal experts

  • Project Managers


Projects completed to date.

Our Experts - when we need them

Because we don't believe one can do it all - we believe all architects are not equal

Anneke - Project Architect

10+ years of experience

As a Project Architect and Principal Agent, she has a reputation for delivering projects on time and in-budget – this is a statement not many architects can make. 

She has served on committees, presented lectures, talked on radio, published books and various articles, hosted multiple architecture CPD courses, and owns an e-commerce business.

Her true passion is to push the boundaries of our industry, to improve the ways we run projects, interact with clients, and do business in general.

Cillie - Design Architect

15+ years of experience

Cillie is the best designer in the country.  He has worked on the most beautiful buildings we have ever seen including the National Library in Pretoria and houses of people who are too rich and famous, we are not allowed to mention their names.

Cillie has been winning awards for his designs since he was at school.  To be frank, it is hard to contain his creativity - he expects only the best (in fact perfect) from contractors.

Cillie's company's name is Solvation Architects - he is approached when we need buildings to be beautiful.

Carla - Project Architect

10+ years of experience

Carla is one of the best all-round architects you will ever get to meet.  She is a fantastic designer; she is meticulous and effective.  She works fast and has incredible results.  Furthermore, her documentation of the construction process is under perfect control, and she manages a construction site with precision.

She has worked on numerous award-winning buildings in her career. 

Carla is currently completing her LLB Law degree - she is a Professional architect.  Her company's name is Spies Architects.

Estian - Compliance Architect

10+ years of experience

Estian has been doing the hard-hours-on-the-ground work for us over the years.  Thousands of hours or compliance work that was required by our largest client.

You have never seen anyone who can work with the speed he can work with.

Estian is a design architect with experience in residential, commercial, educational and retail architecture.

He has experience in working for larger firms but started his own business a few years ago - Bailiwick Architects.

Braam - Drafting Architect

10+ years of experience

Braam is an incredibly reliable and diligent colleague.  We can honestly say that his drawings have no mistakes - if you've ever worked with an architect, you will know that this seems impossible.

Braam has absolute control over the details of a project - he has a very practical understanding of materials, construction and how contractors want information in order to execute correctly.  He is the one to phone when you need the correct answer NOW.

Braam's company's name is ECK_ARCH Design and Technology.  

Corne - IT

20+ years of experience

We don't know how other architects function without the smartest IT mind in the world being available to you 24/7.

Corne and Anneke are married and that gives Plans123 access to world-class technology at all times.  Corne has built and e-learning platform for Plans123, where we sold CPD's online - we were the first to do so when COVID hit.  

Corne has a full-time job in IT, but when we need him he makes time and assist in empowering Plans123 with the best technology in the world. 

Yolande - Legal

10+ years of experience

All businesses need contracts: Employment Contracts, Share Holders Agreements, Lease Agreements, Insurance documentation - we can go on.

Yolande has a full-time job at a municipality.  We rope her in as and when we need her - which luckily is not often.  

Plans123 has experience in arbitration.  We normally prefer assisting in conflict resolution before arbitration is declared - to avoid unnecessary legal fees.  

Mary - Admin

10+ years of experience

Mary started working for us in 2020, when we created the e-learning platform just as COVID started.  She is a Virtual Assistant (VA) who lives in thePhilippines

Mary has done many a task for our team.  She mainly assists with administrative tasks: Compiling minutes from recordings, assisting with drawing registers and social media planning and management.

Mary is appointed through the online portal Fiverr - we encourage everyone in the world to have a VA!