About Us

I want to tell you a bit more about Plans123 and the brand "I thought I knew architecture".

I've always had a beef with how architecture is offered as an exclusive service reserved for the very rich.  So we started Plans123 a few years ago with the vision to break open architectural services to be more accessible to everyone. Our first mission was to give the greater population of South Africa access to affordable, high-quality house plans.

Then in 2020, we also launched the 'I thought I knew' brand, aimed at showing architects disruptive and innovative ways to provide services to a wider audience.  After the COVID-19 rocked our world, we began to grow at an incredible rate, which proved that Architects were hungry to share their content and was motivated to become #betterArchitects.

Now we've decided to combine the drivers: 1) The education of Architects to share their expertise and knowledge with the aim to collectively 2) offer architecture to more people in South Africa.

That's where my heart lies.  To make it accessible for everyone in this country to have a well-designed space to live in, whatever the size, whatever the scale. To do that, we as Architects need to learn from each other and develop the skills that could ultimately solve the housing problem in our country.

Our hope is to make this a joint drive where many architects step up to share their expertise to teach each other the skills to become better architects so we can become part of the solution in this beautiful country of ours.

If you want to participate in this venture in any way, please reach out to us.  We value your feedback on becoming #betterArchitects.

You can contact us on hello@plans123.co.za or you can send me a direct email to anneke@schriek.co.za

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