Educational Projects

We have more than ten years' experience in working for Universities: Libraries, Laboratories, Lecture Rooms, Social Learning Spaces, etc.

The project in the image was a center for people with visual impairment.

Master Planning

Campus planning, infrastructure management and planning (staff bathrooms, recreational areas, storage, etc.), Libraries master planning, long-term examination venue planning, etc.

Sport Facilities and Club Houses

Sport Campus Master Planning, Stadium upgrades, Clubhouses, Events Planning and Management Facilities, Emergency Escape for large sporting events, etc.


Hazardous waste storage facilities, EIA reports implementation, Building Plan Approvals, SDP submissions, asbestos removals, etc.

Emergency Escape Routes ("You are here") signage projects - we've done this for HUNDREDS of buildings.

Student Accommodation

We've spent most of the past ten years around students - we understand their needs and exactly how they want to live. We been involved in the construction of more than 2500 student residence beds.

Additions and alterations

There is nothing more sustainable than reusing existing infrastructure. Efficient planning and frugal expenditure is at the core of what we do. Get more than what you pay for.

JBCC and Conflict Resolution

JBCC Experts

We pride ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of the JBCC suite of contracts. We've presented courses on it and we are regarded as industry leaders when it comes to the implementation of the JBCC contracts.

We've been experts in Arbitration cases. To be honest, we mostly assist in resolving conflict before arbitration is declared, to avoid unnecessary costs and discomfort. We believe money should be spent on labour and materials, not lawyers and fighting.

Some of the companies we'd like to thank

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